Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I'm reading Wednesday

Or should I say what I've been watching. This this last week I've barely picked a  book because I have been devouring every single episode of Ugly Betty. By the time I reached the end of the first season I was hooked and just like a good book it's so hard to stop reading/watching until you are done. This show pretty much has become one of my favourite shows of all time (up there with Seinfeld and Freaks and Geeks).

I loved all the characters, especially Marc and Amanda, and loved how you could see each of them grow as people throughout the four seasons. The only downfall of watching the show so quickly is that now that I have watched all the episodes  I feel the loss of them.

I like how the last episode tied up all the story arcs for each of the characters and I like how the writers waited until the last few episodes to really show Daniel consider that maybe his feelings for Betty are more then just platonic. I never considered them getting together until those last few episodes. I can see myself watching this show again sometime soon.

Betty's progression of character and her accomplishments made me really stop and examine my own life. She was so fearless in chasing after her dream even though it seemed like it was somewhat out of reach at the start of the show. Everyone laughed at her when she first arrived at Mode, but she never gave up and proved her worth in the end. Who knows maybe someday I will finally have that novel that has been floating around in my head published.

I am still reading A Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan. I decided to forgo starting any other book at the moment or I will never get through it. I was happy to finally reach a point in the book about Egwene and her battle for the White Tower which made the pages go by quicker. Unfortunately I am now reading about Mat's and the reading pace has slowed down again. At least I am more then 3/4ths of the way through the book now.

Hopefully I will have more time to read now that I won't be glued to my TV screen, that is unless I find another show to be obsessed with.  :)

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