Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I'm Reading Wednesday

I thought I would start a weekly post to update everyone on what I am currently reading and what I have in the wings to read. I am really bad for starting and reading more then one book at a time. I basically read what I am in the mood for at the time.

Right now I am still slogging through Book #11 of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I know slogging sounds harsh. I really love the story he has created it's just taking soooo long to get to the end. I started rereading the beginning of this series last January! As in 2012 January! This story is huge with so many characters that it is really hard to remember everyone and what is happening if you put it down and then come back to it. I made it through 7 books straight without reading anything else before I needed to take a WoT break. What I said before happened but thanks to things such as the Wheel of Time wiki anytime I forgot who someone was I just look it up. I only decided to reread the series from the beginning again because it had been a while since I read any of the books and because I knew that the last book was finally going to be out this year. I was pretty much bang on that it would take me a year to get to the last few books.

So that brings me to Knife of Dreams! I am now about 75% through it and then only have 3 more books to go before I find out what happens to everyone. Right now the book is starting to drag again and I am in no mood to read big walls of text so I might take a break from it and read one of the three books I just got in the mail yesterday. Figuring out what to purchase is always hard for me because I want to buy books that I know I will love and ones that I will reread. Everything else I read I either borrow from someone or borrow from the library.

The first one is Margaret George's The autobiography of Henry VIII. I have wanted to get this book for a long time. It is a behemoth of a book though over 900 pages. I read her book The Memoirs of Cleopatra in 2010 which I absolutely loved! Two of my favorite time periods are of the Ancient Egyptians and anything to do with the medieval era. I'm not quite sure where my love for either came from but I can't get enough of either of them.

What really sold me on getting Henry VIII was the fact that it seems to be written in letter or diary form. It sounded interesting and Henry VIII is well known, I just don't know his full history.

 I also purchased Ken Follett's, The Pillars of the Earth and it's sequel, World Without End. I am looking forward to reading both of them as well. I first became interested in those books when watching the World Without End  miniseries on TV. At some point I saw that it was based on a book and naturally I had to add it to my TBR list.

I've also been asked to review a book called The Pavement Gardener by Nyla Naseer. I will be starting that very soon. It sounds to be a very interesting read!

That's all for me this week. :)


  1. I really want to give the Wheel of Time series a go. I've heard good things. But it's so long. I'm scared I'd get sick of it. I did that with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. I'm trying to talk myself into picking those up again.

    I really like the idea of this post - a weekly update. Would you mind if I started doing one as well? (It's cool if you don't want me to. x3) I'll give you credit of course. I'm just looking to replace a meme I've been doing on Wednesdays that isn't really working for me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I really appreciate the follow. :) I'm following yours now, as well. Good luck with your blog!

    - Ari

    1. Yeah Wheel of Time is a huge series but it is really good. At least now the series is done so when you do read it you won't be waiting 5 plus years for the next book. :) I now don't read books unless all the books in the series are written. The only exception to that is the Game of Thrones books by George RR Martin but I read the first book about 10 years ago so yeah. It is another really good series! It is just going to be painful waiting for the last two books in the series to come out! The HBO show is pretty awesome as well.

      To be honest I don't think my 'what I'm reading Wednesday' is original to me so no worries if you want to do it as well. I wrote the post then did a search to see if anyone else did it and found lots lol. So much for me trying to be different.

      Thanks for following back. :)

    2. I'm the same way. I'm STILL waiting for two different series to finish up. lol It's been about eight years or so now. Oh man. I LOVE Game of Thrones. I don't get HBO, so I can't watch the show, but I have seen a few episodes. I currently have all the books in the series. I just haven't read through them all yet. There's just so much. xD

      Awesome! Thank you so much. :) I'll still give you credit. x3 Since you introduced me to the idea. I know how ya feel. I thought up all these cool "original" ideas, and then when I googled them it turned out they were "original" several years ago. haha

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower from Book Blogs! Check out my blog here Bookish Whimsy, and hopefully you would like to follow back. :)

    I've not been able to get into the Wheel of Time series sadly. I've heard so much about the Pillars of the Earth too, I'll be interested in reading your thoughts on it if you review it!

    1. Hey, thanks for following and checking out my blog. I just followed you back. I love your blog design! Hopefully I will get to Pillars of the Earth really soon. I'm not sure which book will win out first. :) I'm just glad there is only two books in the series!