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My names Krissy aka the Book Rat. I have always loved reading. I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't love getting lost in a book. I think I get my love of reading from my mother who also reads any chance she can get.

I read pretty much whatever I am in the mood for or whatever looks interesting to me at the time. My favorite however is fantasy and supernatural fiction but I do read from all genres. I also seem to have a soft spot for any YA fiction lately as well.

My favorite authors as a teen were Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine and The Secret Circle trilogy by L.J Smith. I sometimes get nostalgic and reread them every once in a while.

George RR Martin, Robert Jordan, and Stephen King, are three favorite authors of mine right now. I love the worlds that Robert Jordan and George RR Martin built in their books and who could not love the continuing creative mind of Stephen King!

I would love to one day write stories myself since I have quite a few story ideas rolling around my head. I have kept every type of journal you can think of, dream, life and book journals so it was only natural for me to create a book blog where I could share my love of reading and opinions on books.

my reviews:

I try my hardest to review the book and not the author. Just like everything else in life there will be varying opinions on books since we all have different tastes and interests. If I don't like a book or hate it this doesn't mean that the book sucks, it just means that it wasn't for me. I have great respect for any author who writes and gets published since it is very competitive and time consuming process.

for authors and publishers:

If you think you have a book that may interest me feel free to email me and tell me a little bit about your book. If it interests me I would love to review it. You can email me at bookratreads [at] gmail.com.  

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  1. Hi, What a lovely pictureand beautiful baby. I tried to follow but the widget did not work :( Thanks for your message on Book blogs, if you like History with a strong NON -Fiction aspect I am happy to supply a copy of THE BRIDGE OF DEATHS.
    All the best
    Catalina Egan