Tuesday, October 22, 2013

REVIEW: Sworn by Emma Knight

TITLE: Sworn
AUTHOR: Emma Knight
GENRE: YA, Supernatural
WHERE I GOT IT: Google Play store
READ FROM: October 19th to October 21th, 2013

BOOK BLURB: Rachael Wood has to move to a new town when her father has to move for a job. She is the newbie of the school, things are going crappy for her until a football player takes an interest in her. But when he starts to act weird, she meets a loner of the school who doesn't seem to be your average teenager.

MY THOUGHTS: I don't even know what to say about this book. I only downloaded it off of the Google store because it was about vampires, free and I needed something easy to read. The only good thing about it was that it was fairly short.

The most frustrating part about it was that about half way through I realized that so far there has been no introduction to any 'person' that could be a vampire. We don't see him until almost the end and it was instant love. ~rolls eyes. She literally just was snubbed by her first true love, runs into this guy and then is madly in love with him. She just says oh well who knows why the other guy (I can't even remember his name that's how much I don't care about him) snubbed me but that's okay because I just met real my true love....again. 

She doesn't even know this person for a day and notices all these strange things about him. It ends with her demanding to know what he is and saying that if he doesn't tell her she doesn't want to see him. I mean really? He leans over to whisper and then it ends! I mean, come on, it would have been more effective to have the last line of the book "I am a vampire"! We KNOW he is one considering Sworn is book #1 of the VAMPIRE LEGENDS. GEEZ if the author was trying to build up suspense it really didn't work.

I rated it one star because this book seems like a first draft. There were lots of grammar errors, repetition of thoughts right after each other, and incomplete sentences. Also it really bugs me when things that are normally a common occurrence, but change all of a sudden and then switch back and then are not explained. For example Rachael (her name was Rachael right?) and her siblings always, ALWAYS, get picked up by their mother from school but conveniently one day she decides to walk home and meets the 'vampire'. There is no mention on how her mother knows she doesn't have to wait for her or anything. Wouldn't her mother worry or sit there waiting for a long time. It wasn't like it was planned that she would walk home. She literally walks out of the school and then decides to walk home and I think even mentions that this way she wouldn't be a debbie downer in the car when her sister shares her excitement with her mom about making the cheerleading team. Then the next day she is being picked up by her mother again. There are probably other examples but I don't remember.

I would say pass on this book. I won't be reading the next in the series. I don't care for any of the character, nor what happens to them, and it really is hard to read with so many glaring errors.

RATING: 1 Star