Friday, September 27, 2013

REVIEW: Perverse by Larry Rodness

TITLE: Perverse
AUTHOR: Larry Rodness
GENRE: YA, Supernatural
WHERE I GOT IT: from the author for review
READ FROM: August 6th to September 14th, 2013

BOOK BLURB: 19 year old Emylene Stipe, a 2nd generation Goth, is shaken to the core when her make-believe world turns out to be real.


I have to start off by saying that I absolutely love the cover of this book! I could totally see it hanging on one of my walls.

I really like how I was pulled into the story right away. Emylene is 19 years old and born to Goth parents. Her parents own a Goth night club downtown which makes Emylene pretty much royalty to the Goth community. She decides that she needs to break out on her own and rents an apartment. One day she stops off into an antique store and is compelled to purchase a drawing of a cabin in the woods. The next day she wakes up and sees something strange. There are footprints in the snow that were not there the day before.

This is such an interesting concept and I didn't expect the story to go in the direction that it did. I love when that happens! It was interesting to learn as Emylene did, who the girl in the drawing was, through Emylene's interactions with new acquaintances.

Emylene's world really was turned upside down, even losing a few years of her life, and having to deal with the aftermath of releasing a Vrykolakas (basically a vampire-like supernatural creature) upon the world. The twists kept coming and the ending was not at all what I had expected it to be.

This book was really good. The story, the characters, and seeing how a Vrykolakas viewed the world, were all very intriguing. It's actually refreshing reading a supernatural story that is 'dark' in nature instead of 'fluffy' (for lack of a better word) that seems to be the common trend these days.

(I was asked by the author to read and review this book honestly. I am so glad that I did!)

RATING: 4 stars

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